Top 5 Diet Cook Books of 2021

Here’s this years top 5 cook books for people wanting to lose weight and get healthy doing it.

Eating healthy isn’t just for dieters, it’s for everyone. It not only helps keep the weight down but makes you feel good too. There’s no, one cookbook fits all, and that’s why these 5 made the list.

Two Meals a Day

Best selling Author of the Keto Reset Diet and Primal Blue Print, Mark Sisson turns his expertise to the latest trend in diets which he calls “intermittent eating”.

Kick start your metabolism, get your energy back, cognitive function, and improve you mood with Marks two meals a day cookbook and recipes.

Mark also goes over why eating on the run, work, or at the TV can affect your digestive system and how that affects the ability to lose weight and stay healthy.

Learn why two meals a day is a simple strategy that can help you break away from the frustrations of dieting and enjoy a healthy happier body with this best-seller, Two Meals A Day which includes over 40 great recipes.

Plant Over Processed

A National best-seller by Andrea Hannemann, Plant Over Processed is a guide to healthy eating that helped Andy herself overcome the affects of IBS, Celiac disease, Brain Fog, Fatigue and more.

In Andy’s book you’ll find her 30 day plant over processed challenge and recipes to get you started. Detoxing your body and get you feeling healthy again, consider Plant Over Processed.

Eating a healthy balance of natures food is the path to a happier, healthier, you.

Food Babe Kitchen

In this book, New York Time best-selling Author Vani Hari will show you how to shop healthy, cook healthy, and eat healthy. There’s over 100 recipes to choose from. Salads, biscuits, honey butter, tacos, desserts and a plethora of other recipes makes this book a perfect choice.

Food Babe Kitchen is not just a cook book but a guide on how to shop for the best ingredients, read labels, and how to swap out one ingredient for another and with easy substitutes for those who need a dairy free, grain free diet.

With easy to follow directions and her meal planning guide you’ll be set up to make some amazing meals and even snacks that the whole family will love while eating healthy.

Keto Diet for Beginners

Keto for beginners is a great introduction to Keto Cooking by a leading Keto expert Martina Slajerova. Starting a Keto diet can be kind of hard as you body adjusts to a changing metabolism that burns fat instead of carbs.

In this book you’ll find recipes designed for the nutritional requirements when starting the Keto diet, recipes like: Breakfast chili bowls, mushroom stroganoff, stuffed spatchcock chicken, and a summer asparagus halloumi salad. Or how about an anti-inflammatory egg drop soup? And a refreshing electrolyte aqua fresca.

Re-set your metabolism, get healthy, lose weight, and still enjoy your food with the beginners guide to the Keto diet.

The Dirty, Lazy, Keto

Stephanie Laska, best-selling author of the Dirty Keto, gives us 100 great tasting, low carb easy recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or fewer.

Take it from someone who knows: Stephanie her-self lost over 140 lbs. on the Keto diet. Her busy life style made it difficult to diet and find time to cook nutritious meals for her family so she made her own recipes her family loves and keeps them healthy too.

You can do the same for you and your family with the No Time To Cook Cookbook, The Dirty Lazy Keto way.


What ever way you choose to eat and stay healthy, anyone of these Top 5 can help you get there. Enjoy cooking a little more, knowing you’re doing something good for your body.

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