Shichimi Togarashi Lobster and Spinach Rolls

Are you looking for a great recipe for lobster and some sides to go with it?  Well stay tuned as we check out the recipe that Ken Sabatini submitted.  He’s also the one who submitted the article about gluten free bread, check it out here once you’re done with the Shichimi Lobster tail.

Shichimi Togarashi Lobster over Rice with Warm Pepper Spinach rolls!

Mmmmm, this ‘was’ sooooo good! We buy Rock Lobster tails at B.J.’s and CostCo. They are surprisingly good. I’ve wanted to venture into this Japanese 7 Spice arena for a while but just didn’t come up with the right combination. Well, this was a smashing success!

Schichmi tograshi

(seven-flavor chili pepper) is a Japanese spice mixture containing 7 ingredients. It dates back to the 17th century and was produced by herb dealers in Edo, now known as Tokyo.

You should be able to do this with large shrimp or prawns as well. Sooo…. {for two, yes we’re two ‘cuz Tango has her own and refuses to share} To learn more about Tango and who she is; see below the recipe for her story.

The Rice:

This is so simple… yes, I cheat again but hey, we cook at home, it’s sooooo good!

I use one box Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild rice. Cook to directions, but I recommend overcooking ‘just slightly’ as it needs to hold a dam like mashed potatoes hold gravy.

Rice is the seed of grass species. Oryza sativa (Asian Rice) It is the most widely used staple used for a large part of the world especially in Asia. For agricultural commodities it has the third highest worldwide production with over 700 millions tons in 2014, according to Wikipedia.

Rice first used in English was in the 13th century and derived from Old French, which came from Italian, then Latin and finds its origin from the Greek word ὄρυζα (oruza) Rice is usually rinsed before cooking but American produced rice is fortified with vitamins and minerals so rinsing will decrease its nutrients.

Depending on the type of rice will determine which and how many vitamins and minerals it has. A short list of what to expect from a serving of rice is: Energy, protein, Potassium, Magnesium, Vit-C and a list of B’s and Iron. Like I said, this is a short list of what’s good in a serving of rice.

Spinach (yup, we eat it a lot):

{be sure to cook this so it is just finishing as you are plating, it gets cold really fast}

Lay a large 1g zip lock out and fill evenly with baby spinach.

Sprinkle a healthy pinch of crushed red pepper evenly over the spinach.

Seal Ziploc but leave about 1 inch open.

Microwave on high 6 minutes.

With a sharp knife cut along two sides adjacent to the zipper.

Open the bag and add one (1) squeeze of mayonnaise along one edge of the spinach.

[I might consider adding a bit of wasabi paste next time.]

Cut in half perpendicular to the mayo-edge and roll into rolls.

Spinach is native to central and western Asia. In 2017 the world production came in at just over 27 million tons with China accounting for over 90 percent of it.

There’s a huge list of vitamins and minerals in spinach. Iron, Calcium, Vit-K, Vit- C and B’s are some that are top of list, and did you know that it also has potassium?

Spinach is believed to have its origins in ancient Persia about 2000 years ago and later introduced to India and Ancient Asia. The first written evidence of Spinach in the Mediterranean was recorded in the 10th century writings of the medical works of al-Razi, a physician and alchemist in Persia.

The Lobster:

Two frozen rock lobster tails thawed in cool water for a couple hours until supple.

2Tbsp Butter

1 Tbsp garlic (I used minced in this instance, I don’t recommend powdered)

1/2tsp salt

1Tbsp McCormick Japanese 7 Spice (Shichimi Togarashi)

1/4c very dry white wine or Sake

4Tbsp heavy cream

Lobster comes from a family of crustaceans and are related to three families of fresh water Crayfish. Lobsters come in colors ranging from Albino, Blue, Calico, Orange, Pastels, and red and yellow. Lobsters can live up to 50 years if left in the wild and  continue to grow throughout their lives.

According to the Guinness book of records the largest lobster caught weighed in at 44 lbs. Lobster generally move along slowly but when needing to they have been known to move at 11 MPH.

In north American lobster did not gain popularity until the mid 19th century. Prior to that time it was known as poverty food, served to servants and lower members of society including prisoners.

Continued Instructions…

Add everything but the lobster and cream to a small sauce pan. Bring to a strong simmer. Reduce heat, add cream and simmer for at least 15 minutes, you want all the flavors infused in the liquid.

Cook the rice and spinach (see above) while simmering.

Add the lobster and simmer stirring frequently just until pink and tender (be careful not to overcook any lobster).


Place rice on the plate like a pile of mashed potatoes. Make a bowl in the rice and scoop lobster/sauce mix on top.

Roll the spinach and serve immediately!

What comes next?

Eat and enjoy! Then sit back with a nice glass of wine or beer.

Eviva! Tango; Tango is our 7yr old chocolate lab. She loves frisbee, tug-of-war and romping at the beach.

She (and we) recently lost her 12yr old sister TASHA to cancer. Tango was glued to her like a parasite from the day we brought her home. They went and did everything together.

I’ve heard people say dogs don’t remember or don’t really actually love, they just want food. But I’ve never believed that. And after watching Tango mope and whine for Tasha’s absence for weeks I can tell you, dogs hurt just as much as we do, they just can’t cry tears.

Tango does not share her food… with anyone! In fact she is so concerned someone is going to steal it when we put it down we had to buy her her very own “special” dish so she could eat it without choking.

Tango is the quintessential beach chick. You can find her parading around getting whoops and hollers from all the boys and they get real uptight when she goes cliff diving out at Old Black Point Beach. You see, not all dogs (even rough and tough boy dogs) are cut out for cliff diving.

She’s also a very fussy gal. She sighs, regularly. Yes dogs can sigh, I’ve the video to prove it. If she wants something and you are either ignoring her, don’t know she’s there or tell her no (like every day 45 minutes before dinner time for the next 45 minutes) she will either sit right there, stare at you and take a deep breath and sigh or she’ll go lay down on her bed, take a deep breath and sigh. These usually turn into a long drawn out deep moooooaaaaannnnnn! Then she stares at you out of the top of her eyes and pouts until you just can’t stand the sight of those cute half-moon whites of her eyes boring a ferocious and painful hole in the side of your head anymore.

Welcome to my world. Tango; super frisbee catching, squirrel terrorizing, UPS/FedEx get-up-in their truck for dog bones, grass eating, cliff diving, sassy chestnut knockout, pouting, sighing, perpetual wag machine who fills every corner of my heart.

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