Outdoor Cooking Ideas

Cooking outdoors doesn’t always have to be done in the summer, anytime is outdoors cooking time and if you’re like me and my family; we cook outside when there’s snow on the ground. There’s just something about that outdoors cooked meal. There’s nothing like the aroma you get from it and aroma is what gets our appetites revved up. Of course in the summer our outdoors cooking ramps up!

Food Smokers

There are a plethora of smokers on the market. Gas smokers, wood smokers, electric smokers. Sizes and styles. You name it, the choices are wide open. I start with smokers because it’s the aroma. The long term aroma. It hangs in the air and floats through the neighbor hood and lasts for hours during the process.

One of the draw backs to this is you may come out to check on the smoking food and find it gone. The smell is sometimes just too much to resist. Bears can’t help it, they just can’t! and people are sometimes like bears.

You gotta follow the nose. Those that can resist will find themselves firing up their own grill and then the whole neighborhood is filled with the aroma of outdoor cooking.

Here’s a few to take a look at.

The Back Yard BBQ

Now if you don’t want to take all day and if you’re worried about bears or any other critters finding their way to the source of the aroma floating through the trees, then grill you’re food.

One thing I like about grilling is how you get to stay close to the grilling process. You attend to it. You add your favorite flavors, you baste, you turn and baste again. You get to watch the process, you’re there to make sure it all turns out perfect. And you also get to guard it from roaming critters.

I’m fond of the grills that have a place to put on other items to warm up, like a pot of beans. If yours doesn’t have a burner you can always clear a spot on the grill and put the pan on a low heat area. I also like the combo grills, the ones with the smoker on the side.

My son likes to Grill and smoke at the same time. That’s fun too, but takes a little balance and care. Me; I like to grill and drink at the same time. That also takes balance and care. Here’s something that can help with that balance and care. BBQGuys.com. The Largest selection anywhere with Free Shipping on orders over $249! BBQguys! I see there are payment plans too. They seem to have it all when it comes to back yard cooking. I urge you to check them out, you won’t be sorry. Warning though. You may be like me; Like a kid in a candy shop. It’s gonna be tough to pick and hard to settle on just one thing.

Griddle and Grill

You know; Grilling in the summer is a good way to keep the heat out of your house. So cook outside. You don’t have to BBQ just because you’re cooking outside. You can fry, you can boil, you can bake. And you don’t have to save the outdoor cooking for just dinner either. You can cook breakfast outside.

Have you ever camped out and woken to the smell of someone cooking bacon and eggs? Wow! it’s wonderful. Imagine having that experience in your own back yard or off the deck of your apt.

Another thing about cooking outdoors: It saves you on gas or electric and that my friends is a good thing!

Again, check out the BBQ Guys! The variety is unbelievable. They not only have the grill and griddle that can fit your needs but they have accessories! Accessories that I never knew existed. Now that I know, how can I grill without them!

Out Door Fryer

Don’t feel like grilling, smoking, or baking and still want that out doors treat and a little extra? Try frying! There’s some amazing meals you can make with an outdoor fryer.

Here’s a list of a few;

  • Deep Fried Cajun Turkey
  • Deep Fried Chicken 
  • Deep Fried Roast Beef                                                                                             
  • Deep Fried Seafood
  • Deep Fried Green Beans
  • Deep Fried Onions
  • Deep Fried Corn on the Cob
  • Deep Fried Potatoes and yes…..
  • Deep Fried Fruit

There are some differences in outdoor fryers; Most of them seem to be just fine and I guess it’s a matter of what you want to spend or what kind of safety measures you’re looking for. Here’s a couple you might be interested in.

Indoor BBQ and Grill

Now, hold on, I know I talked a lot about Outdoor Cooking and seeing this might start to worry you, but don’t. I prefer outdoors cooking to anything but when it’s just not possible, like not enough time, too cold or too tired then one of these is the next best thing. When you have a hankering for some grilled food and the wonderful aroma that accompanies it but can’t get outside to cook it what do you do? Well, you can give this guy a try:

Click Here to explore BBGuys.com! The Maverick Char B Que Electric Grill, you’ll find it there.


There’s just something about outdoor cooking. I really think that when food is cooked out doors it seems to bring on an extra flavor and a special aroma. Maybe it’s just my imagination but it really seems that way to me.

Give it a try, no matter if you live in an apt two stories up with a balcony, do it! You won’t regret it.


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