The Ketogenic diet

Are you looking for a diet and want to find great ways to cook great food and still loose weight?  The Keto way just might be what you’re looking for. The Keto is a high-fat, sufficient protein, and low-carb diet. Ketogenic is a term for a low-carb diet. According to web-md the “idea is to get more calories from fat and protein than carbs“. Easy to digest foods like sugar, sodas, pastries, and white bread are what helps pack on the pounds.

When you eat fewer carbs your body begins to break down protein and fat for energy and in turn causes you to lose weight. It takes more calories to change fat to into energy than to change carbs to energy. So it makes sense to eat food that causes your body the need to burn fat for energy instead of getting to burn carbs for energy. This is a diet usually used to lose wt fast but it also known to help with certain deceases like epilepsy, heart decease, brain and even acne.

The Keto diet is also believed to help with other health issues like Alzheimer, Parkinson and sleep disorders. The Keto diet may also be able to help with endurance. But don’t worry there’s a lot you can eat on a Keto diet. You’d be surprised. Take a look at the Keto Diet Cooking For Beginners” Cook Book for ideas on how to use the Keto diet while still making great meals.

There’re things that are hard to give up when dieting; things like bread, oh bread! and for some it’s desserts. Well don’t worry because there’s Keto Bread and Keto Pasta” and there’re Keto Desserts” Click on either to see what I mean.

Paleo diet

also known as the Paleolithic diet, caveman diet or the stone age diet. This is a diet that copies the Paleolithic era, eating foods that may have been available to humans at that time. It’s pretty likely that high carb foods were not available in those days. The food humans ate in that era is thought to be fruits, nuts, roots, vegetables, eggs, and meat, like dinosaur. No just kidding about the Dino meat, but who knows right? It is believed that food like dairy, sugars, and grains were not available to humans of that time.

When your on the Paleo diet you avoid processed foods but also foods available after the Neolithic Revolution where humans started changing from just hunter/ gathers to planting and harvesting. The problem with this diet could result in some deficiencies like lack of calcium and vitamin D so keep that in mind when preparing meals. Be sure to include those in your meals if this is the diet you choose.

According to some experts; with the introduction of the western diet also came deceases and degenerative conditions, so the thought of getting back to nature in a sense, is I think, a great idea. Processed foods are really terrible for you so stay away from them, there’s a lot better stuff for you out there.

What goes good with a Keto or Paleo Diet

Exercise goes good with any diet.

I believe that exercise is very important. I’m not saying to get out there and try to do a regime of exercises and get it on a strict schedule or anything, though that may be a good idea, but what I am saying is to move. Keep moving, the old saying ” use it or lose it” is true! With diet and weight loss comes flab and weakness if you don’t get your self toned up. Walk, walking is fun, you never know what you’ll see, it’s good for you lungs, circulation, and your mind.

There are a whole host of exercises one could do but if all you can muster is a daily walk then walk! It can also be said as well. “Use it and lose it”. Exercise helps with the loss of fat and tones you up. Build up endurance with the daily walk and you’ll find your self walking farther and farther. How exciting that would be, a journey. Bring your camera, you never know.

How to stay strong and well on a Diet

I’d say get advice from your doctor, especially if you terribly over weight, have health issues or if you’re concerned about your age and at the very least take it slow. Don’t just jump into a diet and exercise with both feet. Baby steps and build up so it’s not such a shock to the system.

Once you’ve gotten to the desired weight don’t stop. I think, if you’re strong enough to say no more often, then go ahead and have a favorite. Like my favorite: Pasta, potatoes, bread, and Beer. But talk about weight gainers, those four will put on the weight. So you make it to the desired weight and if you must partake of the favorites that helped put the pounds on then do it sparingly.

Learn to cook the Keto way and you’ll eat well, look well, and feel well. Splurge but not often and only as a celebration. lol Otherwise you’ll lose all that you gained and gain all that you lost.

See the post on, immune-boosting-seasons-and-foods, to help with knowing what foods and seasons can help you stay healthy while dieting.

Flush the Weight and Flush the Toxins

What all bodies need. Water!

The Keto and Paleo diet can cause some constipation but if you drink plenty of fluids, water is best, then you’ll reduce the risk. Drinking water also helps flush all the toxins stored up in your body and it helps to maximize physical performance, it helps give power and strength to muscles, keeps your skin looking good, and helps lubricate joints and benefits your bones.

Drinking water helps make you feel full so your not so apt to snack and when you do snack eat protein foods so the rest of

New Age Beverages

your body feels full. Drink plenty of water no matter what diet you use. And if you plan to add exercise to your diet then you’ll need the extra water.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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