Cookware-Pots and Pans

Cooking with ease and having the right tools: Even early man needed a pot. An essential for anyone wanting to cook.

Teflon Pans

While the Teflon pan has come a long way with many improvements, there doesn’t seem to be one that lasts as long as I’d like. With proper care while cooking and care when cleaning a Teflon pan can last for a while. There’s been talk in the past of the possibility of Teflon being a hazard to your health but it has been reported to be safe and tested. The FDA established requirements for manufactures of Teflon cookware and is now considered to be safe at normal cooking temperatures. Don’t over heat the pan right? But of course over heating a pan means you’re probably going to burn and ruin the food you’re trying to cook anyway. Over heating the pan is going to cause the surface to break down which could cause the Teflon to chip and peel off quicker than normal. Using the wrong utensil is another consideration when cooking with a Teflon pan. I’d never use metal. Plastic or wood is the best. Teflon is a tough synthetic resin made by polymerizing tetrafluoroethylene a colorless, odorless gas. At this point I would refer you to Wikipedia because the process is complicated and would be better explained there.

Stainless Steel Pans

Stainless steel pans don’t have a coating that can chip or break down during improper cooking and cleaning conditions. They are a beautiful pan if well taken care of. There is less of a worry about what a stainless steel pan can do to our health than say, Teflon. But you should keep in mind that stainless steel can leach during the cooking process, especially while cooking with acidic foods. It is corrosive but It has a higher corrosion resistance than regular steel. You can read more about corrosion and leaching in the ACS publications. I wouldn’t store food in them after cooking especially a tomato base product. However, it looks like this a relatively safe type of pan especially when paying attention to temps, products, and storage.

Cast Iron

I love Cast Iron pans. They’re so durable and will last forever. They will work well for you if you take care of them. It is important to understand that you should not constantly wash your cast iron pan in soapy water. You’ll only need to wash in soap a couple times a year if you take care of it. After you buy it, go ahead and give it a good washing to clean off any residue that could have gotten into it. You’ll need to Season the pan after it has been dried by well oiling it and baking it into the pan creating a rust and stick resistant cooking surface. Once you’ve cooked in it just wipe it out with warm water, no soap, and after cleaning it wipe it down with a small bit of ( cooking ) oil on the inside. Wood and plastic cooking utensils are good for this pan, I wouldn’t use metal to scrape food out of it. A metal spatula is fine for cooking but not to scrape. Doing that can damage the Curing/seasoning that was done. Iron also has a bit of leaching and if not properly cleaned and cooked with there could be a residue that can get into your food. It’s an Iron product. Acidic foods can eat away at the seasoning and corrode the pan, so Don’t store food in it either. Cook with it, empty it out, and clean it right away. A cast Iron pan can also be used as a self-protection device if handled properly in the right situation. 🙂

Calphalon Cermic Non Stick Pan

In my humble opinion this pan is wonderful! It is Eco-friendly, PFOA-free, durable, and has easy food release and clean up. It has a hard-anodizied aluminum construction. ANODIZIED is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts and increases resistance to corrosion and wear. Use plastic coated, wood, or nylon utensils to protect the finish.

There’s a lot of good pans out there

Your choice depends on your preference and your budget. One thing to remember when using any pan. The proper cooking temp. The utensil you use and how you clean and store it. If you take care of your pans you could have them for years.

Now go find a pan and enjoy the fun of cooking.


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