Best Barbecue Grill Review

Are you thinking of barbecue food or maybe looking for your next grill?   Listen; barbecue season is any season so why wait to get the grill cleaned and ready to fire up or think about getting a new Barbecue Grill.

I’ve looked high and low to find something just right for my needs. Following is a look at what I found.  I also included Grilled and Filled Portabella Mushroom directions at the end of the page.  Oh and I found something else really cool in the world of BBQ’s.  After checking out the ones listed below, check this out. Unbelievable!

1. Portable Folding Charcoal BBQ

This one is really cool! It’s great to take on outings, found at BBQguys: X-Grill-portable-is a folding note book style grill, comes with a carrying case and a shoulder strap.

Clean and easy to move and carry. Easy to store, doesn’t take up much room. Heat resistant painted black steel and only about 11 lbs.

I love this grill! This is what I’ll use when I go to the lake or park. Not a bad price either!

2. Back Yard BBQ or Portable

If you want something a little bigger and with a stand I found the Napoleon TravelQ 285 X portable
propane gas grills. According to the BBQGuys It has a 285 sq in. of cooking area, dual stainless steel burners and Jetfire ignition system for safe and reliable lighting.

Porcelain coated cooking grids that resist rust with the classic Napoleon sear marks, has side shelves for prep space with a removable aluminum grease tray.

The Napoleon TravelQ grill has a lockable lid and a built in accu-probe temperature gauge for monitoring the heat and it uses a standard one pound gas cylinder.

It packs up and moves easily because it’s attached to scissors cart that folds up to move around and store with ease. A little larger than the X-Grill mentioned above. It can even be hung on a wall for easy storage.

3. Free Standing Larger Grills

If I decide to go for a larger grill, one that I won’t be packing around, here’s my favorites and why.

Weber Genesis II E-310 gas grills. They offer a 5, 3 or 2 year grill protection plans.

The BBQGuys say this grill has the state of the art GS4 grilling system. E2i ignition is a system that ignites each burner independently, stainless steel high performance burners, flavorizer bars that are usually made of stainless steel or ceramic.

The bars protect the burners and extends the life of the burner, it also helps gives the food a smoky grilled flavor from the good that’s being cooked as the juices drip down onto the flavorizer bars and creates the smoke that goes back onto the food. It also has a real handy grease management system.

The Weber Genesis II has a 513 sq. in. cooking area and an additional smaller top grate for an extra 156 sq in. cooking area. It comes with a storage area and two shelves with one that folds down for a more compact storage.

This grill is iGrill ready for wireless meat probe monitoring and comes with a fuel gauge, which for me is a very handy thing to have. There’s a cover that goes around the fuel tank to conceal it and has built in tool hooks to keep you BBQ tools neat and handy.

I can’t say enough about the Grill, it has a lot to offer and makes back yard grilling fun and easy. To see more about this grill and dozens of others at the BBQGuys store click on highlighted areas for a direct virtual tour of BBQ heaven.

Smokers and Wood Grills

BBQGuys have Gas, Wood, Charcoal, and Electric Smokers and If you’re interested in Smokers but like to grill too then try this: It’s a beauty! The Traeger Pro Series wood pellet Grill/Smoker. It has double grills with a total of 884 sq in. of cooking area and has natural air flow so you could even cook a pizza. Nice!

The Traeger Pro Series 34Traeger Pro has a Digital Pro temperature control system inside and blue led lights to see the temp on the outside.

With the Traeger Pro you can smoke, grill, bake, roast, or braise. It’s truly versatile and makes out doors cooking a breeze and with so many options for cooking you’ll be able to make many amazing meals with this cooker. I

f you decide to check it out you’ll find that the BBQGuys are not only BBQ headquarters, you can also find outdoors kitchens, cooking accessories, parts, and more. With so many options you can be cooking outdoors and anywhere all the time!

The best food in my book is cooked outdoors. There’s nothing like the aroma that spreads throughout the area and can sure get you appetite going.

Portabella Mushroom Recepie

Here’s something a little special that I wanted to include in this post for you.

One of my favorite things to cook is the Grilled and Filled Portabella Mushroom. This can be done as purely vegetarian or you can add meat. I like to put mine on a bun like a burger.

1. Take a medium to large Portabella Mushroom and gently clean out the inside.

2. Smother with BBQ sauce and set aside. (don’t allow it to sit in deep dish of sauce, just baste and set aside) You’ll need to baste again as it is being grilled.

3. Precook hamburger and sausage. Enough to fill the inside of the mushroom. Mix in seasons of choice and I like to add a little bit of shredded cheese to the mix once it is cooked or sprinkle over the top of the filled mushroom. I use a mild cheese like Swiss or a mild cheddar mix.

4. Put protabella on the grill for just a few minutes on both sides. Enough to soften it a bit and grill the area that will be filled in with your sausage and hamburger mixture because you won’t be flipping it. Once softened and grilled put the meat or vegetable mixture inside the mushroom, as much as you can get to the top, sprinkle the cheese over the top, put back on and let grill on low to medium heat. Make sure it doesn’t flame up too much and burn the mushroom and careful to not over cook. Once the mushroom is grilled and the cheese is melted pull it off the grill and place on prepared hamburger bun.

The Grilled and Filled Portabella Mushroom makes the best burgers, cooked outside on a good grill, there’s nothing like it.

Hurry! Go get the Grill and get summer cookout season going. The ideas for cooking outdoors are countless and healthy for you too. Fresh air and good food, you can’t beat it.



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